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Dr. Jenny HughesMeet the Researcher:
Dr. Jennifer Hughes, Ph.D.

Jennifer Hughes is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her Ph.D. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University and joined Agnes Scott College in 1998.

Her primary research area involves investigating the psychological and physical impact of commuting to and from work. Her most recent research assessed commute stress by measuring commuters’ salivary cortisol levels before and after they commuted. Some of her other current projects include examining gender differences of commuters, examining the personality of commuters as predictors of commute stress, and looking at how work conditions and job involvement affect perceptions of the commute.

Prior work involved looking at commuters with and without flextime and their time urgency and stress. She also investigated drivers who had been involved in motor vehicle accidents and their driving stress.

Media Coverage

Some of the newspapers Dr. Hughes has recently been cited in include: Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Diego Union-Tribune , The Detroit News, The Star-Ledger, Sacramento Bee, The Journal News, Birmingham News, Las Vegas Review-Journal, and the Arizona Republic.

She also has appeared on Bay News 9 in Tampa Florida, 11 Alive News in Atlanta Georgia, and Fox News Live.


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